Manitoba Hydro Place
Winnipeg MB

Manitoba Hydro Place, Winnipeg

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Manitoba Hydro Place

Manitoba Hydro Place, the fourth-largest government-owned electric and natural gas utility in Canada, is located in one of the most challenging cities for extreme weather. Temperatures typically reach well below 0°F (-18°C) during the winter months. Yet the entire 18-floor building is being effectively and efficiently heated by renewable sources — the sun and geothermal wells, supplemented by hydroelectric power — all distributed throughout the facility by several different application methods, including an Uponor radiant heating and cooling system.

Predicted 65% Less Energy Consumption

The building, which was completed in September 2009, is expected to use 65% less energy compared to similar buildings in the area. Based on simulation, the annual energy use of the building is predicted to be around 29 kBtu/ft2 (330MJ/m2), which is a 65% reduction from the base case. Additionally, the annual carbon footprint is predicted to be 1.1 lbs. CO2/ft2 (5.4 kg CO2/m2).

Project Highlights

• 18-floor office building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
• Features Uponor radiant heating and cooling
• Uses solar, geothermal and hydroelectric energy sources
• Predicted to use 65% less energy than similar buildings
• Awarded AIA’s 2010 COTE Top Ten Green Project
• Expected to attain LEED® Platinum certification

Project Data

• 695,742 square feet (64,634 square meters)
• Predicted energy use: 29 kBtu/ft2 (330MJ/m2)
• Predicted annual carbon footprint: 1.1 lbs. CO2/ft2 (5.4 kg CO2/m2)
• Completed September 2009