2012 BUILDER Concept Homes
Lake Nona FL

Generation B Home

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Multi-generational Community Living

The BUILDER Concept Home 2012 launched its 14th home series with a showcase in multi-generational cohabitation and a model for communities across the country. Three homes, three generations, one cul-de-sac – a current representation of the new economy of suburban planning and diverse neighborhoods. Produced by BUILDER magazine in conjunction with the annual International Builders’ Show, the Concept Home Series attempt to demonstrate solutions that address contemporary community planning, demographics, technology, building science, and lifestyle.

The three homes cater to different age groups: Generation X is raising a family on two incomes while embracing technology and play while their younger counterparts, Generation Y, an ethnically and economically diverse group, is looking for their first home. Generation B – the Baby Boomers – is downsizing while keeping an active lifestyle.

The homes, built in time for the 2012 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, will serve as the model home park for a new 2,000-unit section of Eagle Creek community near Lake Nona in Orlando. Eagle Creek touts a country club community without the country club price tag while also promoting multi-generational living.

Top Products Include Uponor Logic for Plumbing

Supported by the leading building products manufacturers in the industry, the project team selected an impressive range of materials, systems, fixtures and finishes to suit each of the generations within the neighborhood while keeping a keen eye on durability, efficiency and style. Uponor supplied AquaPEX® plumbing systems that included D’MAND® Hot Water Delivery systems to each of the three homes, ensuring a safe, quiet and durable distribution system. And the proven combination of Uponor AquaPEX tubing and ProPEX® Multi-port Tees provides the most efficient plumbing installation requiring fewer feet of tubing, fittings and connections than a traditional system. The D’MAND Hot Water Delivery System’s hot water recirculation pump provides homeowners with hot water in seconds with the added benefit of water and energy savings. The system is user-activated by a button or motion sensor in the bath, kitchen or utility room. D’MAND is the only system recognized by national residential green building programs, including LEED® for Homes, ICC-700 and WaterSense®.

Project Highlights

• Three homes designed for generations B, X and Y
• Gen. B: 2,866 square feet of indoor space
• Gen. X: 4,732 square feet of indoor space
• Gen. Y: 2,163 square feet of indoor space
• Builder: Centerline Homes of Coral Springs, Fla.
• Producer: BUILDER Magazine
• Architects: Woodley Architects, Denver, and Canin Associates, Orlando

Project Features

• Gen. X: 1,290 lineal feet of AquaPEX tubing
• Gen. B: 1,170 lineal feet of AquaPEX tubing
• Gen. Y: 1,040 lineal feet of AquaPEX tubing
• ProPEX® Out-of-the-Wall support system
• Engineered polymer (EP) and lead-free brass fittings
• D’MAND® Hot Water Delivery System